OVERLAND is a 90-minute, 4K HD feature documentary in early production, helmed by filmmakers Revere La Noue and Elisabeth Haviland James. Set in the United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Scotland, Italy and the US, our character-driven story will delve into man’s dependency on nature, his understanding of the environment and his relationship to others through the prism of the ancient art of falconry. The falcon is by nature a perfect killer. In the wild, it kills everyday. To train a falcon is to persuade nature’s most aggressive killer to serve and deliver for a human – the bond required is indeed magical, evocative, visual and complex.

In order to live Everytime it eats

A predator must take a life.

Muslim, Catholic – tribal, royal – desert, mountain – no matter how much terrain or ideology between them, when two falconers meet, they feel they have known each other for years. Falconers are quiet diplomats and vanguards of conservation for both the falcon and it’s prey. Our characters share common values: conservation, discipline, respect, empathy. The experience we bring as filmmakers, educators and travelers makes us uniquely suited to helm this ambitious project. While falconry continues to thrive and modernize in small communities in the Middle East, parts of Europe and the United States, the practice is disappearing elsewhere, especially in dwindling nomadic cultures. We want to explore and capture it now, before it’s gone.